The municipality of Monastir

The municipality of Monastir was established under the Beylical decree on the 24th of January 1887 and is considered a prominent one in the country. The municipal area covers 4632 Hectares and has a population of 93306 and a housing capacity of 34603 houses according to the 2014 General census. According to the order of the Interior Minister which was issued on the 28th of August 1983 in relation to creating municipal districts in Monastir (which was revised under the Secretary of State of the Interior ministry and published on the 27th of September 1985,), the municipal area of Monastir was divided into 4 districts accordingly:

  • District one (Eastern) in Moufida Bourguiba Street. Telephone: 73461270

  • District two (Western) in Moujahid Akbar Street. Telephone: 73461270

  • Skanes district in Mohammed Hedi Khfacha Street. Telephone: 73503152

  • Helya district in Basatine neighborhood near the fair. Telephone: 73461065

This order is within the framework of decentralization and giving easy access to citizens which include the most important services such as:

Study sessions and opinion hearings over future municipal projects in the district.

plan de la ville

plan de la ville